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Maria am Ostbahnhof

Apologies for beeing late with the launch of our new website - expect it very soon now. In the meanwhile download the full festival programme as PDF:
> CTM.05 programme [90 kb]

For now just a few names to make your mouth water:
Biosphere / Supersilent / Nils Petter Molvaer / Burnt Friedmann & Jaki Liebezeit / Johann Johannsson / Kill / Akufen / Krikor / Cabanne / DJ Rupture / DJ Marlboro / Mad Professor / Crackhaus / Sid LeRock / Les Georges Leningrad / ASCII.Disko / Le Placard / ....

Find information about the CTM.05 Breakcore Special [WASTED], hosted by Jason Forrest/Donna Summer and Pure here

the only laptop supergroup in the world!

Support: THE EGG (CA) - THE MOLE (CA)
30. September 2004 |  10:00 pm
Volksuehne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Berlin

Paralleling Berlin´s first 'Popkomm' club transmediale, Montréal's MUTEK Festival and the Volksbuehne theatre will present the Europe-premiere of the electronic all-star band NAROD NIKI. Also appearing for the first time in Berlin the two newcomers to Montréals flourishing micro-house scene The Egg and The Mole, who swept the awards of this year´s MUTEK Festival. Berlin´s most outstanding visual-collectives Transforma and Pfadfinderei will round out the show with a live-video environment.

You won't find anything better in Berlin these days! Be surprised!
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club transmediale is on tour this month - and maybe near you...

Eletronika Festival 2004
5-8 August, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

CTM member Remco Schuurbiers performs in a duo together with Amsterdam based musician Radboud Mens to times at the Eletronika Festival. Using their two monikers RE/RA and Pulse they will stage new abstract audio-visual compositions. Remco with also participate in a discussion round named Autoria Remix, which inquires into remixing as a cultural technique.
find detailed informations on:

The two have also been invited by Goethe Institute to perform a third time at Itau Cultural Centre in Sao Paulo on August 9th:

Astigmatic Festival 2004
6-8 August, Plock, Poland

An open air electronic music and video festival near Warsaw with a fine line-up. CTM screens the Klipzona Reloaded screening-programme with music video clips from eastern european countries produced between the early 70ties and today. Artists performing on the festival are a.o. Deadbeat, Portable, Paul Wirkus, Scion, Erlend Oye, Jacek Sienkiewicz and many more...

Call for Entries TM & CTM.05

The joint call for entries for transmediale.05 and club transmediale.05 is out now. club transmediale.05 will take place from february 4th - 12th 2005, while transmediale.05 will run from february 4th - 8th 2005. Please download the call and submission form as pdf-file (in both english and german). Deadline for submissions is the 15th of september 2004.

club transmediale and transmediale present

Sound Art Activism and Migrant Resistance
A lecture and performance featuring:

> Manuela Bojadzijev of Kanak Attak
> Elliot Perkins (aka Phonem)
> Dont Rhine of Ultra-red
> read more ...

The event is part of the SPRING INNOVATIONS programme, which takes place from May 27th till June 22nd and includes concerts, performances and films by a.o. zeitkratzer ensemble, Thomas Koener, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Graham Lewis (Wire), Bruce Gilbert (Wire), Carl Michael von Hausswolff and many more. For the full programme see the website

From may 8th till 16th club transmediale takes part in the 8 day programme titled 'All I Know Is The Way I Feel / When Its Real / I Keep It Alive - The Art Of Sound - Sound In Art" curated by Nathalie Bruys for Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam. Kunstvlaai is an alternative art fair dedicated to non-commerical project spaces and initiatives. Nathalie Bruys took part in club transmediale.04 DJing under her moniker KODI. At Kunstvlaai club transmediale shows three of the various screening programmes developed for the festival so far. Also club transmediale co-founders Jan Rohlf and Remco Schuurbiers will be there to present some of their own work. The programme is well worth a look and features a.o. artists and musicians like Kevin Blechdom, Radboud Mens, Carlos Amorales, Transformer Di Roboter, Meeuw, Thomas Ankersmit, Telco Systems. Check out the details, time and place here:

find more information about Kunstvlaai 5 here:

A number of nice pictures taken by Moonbunny reached us recently - thanks a lot!
Donnasummer and the incredible Mumbleboy, the memorable two-day Share-event, Ellen Allien and some more funny things are featured. Have a look.
> CTM.04 photographs by moonbunny on

... and here are some more - taken by covering club transmediale's last night on february 7 with Philipp Quehenberger, Hakan Lidbo, Jacek Sienkiewicz and others.
> CTM.04 pictures on

It took us a while to recover...and so did some of you probably... Thanks to everybody who helped to make the festival a memorable and great experience: artists, crew and audience alike.

Here is a first selection of photographs of CTM.04 by Micropix. Not to forget another big 'thank you!' to the photographer of these pictures Marco Microbi, who made it to be there in concentration all of the nine nights. A notable performance... Have a look and refresh you memory...
> CTM.04 documentation on

club transmediale opens on friday night 22:00! If you can`t be there in person try hooking up to our live-stream on or if in Berlin, switch on your radio and tune in to reboot fm 104.1 MHz UKW, which will be broadcasting club transmediale's programme every night.

Some latest news: Jeff Milligan aka Algorithm from Revolver Records will will also appear as a Dj on the opening night [KICK START]. After opening the programme with a live set, he will also be the one to finish the night with one of his amazing DJ-sets on three turntables.



The programm grows even bigger still - the DECO series by Büro from Paris has been extended to a fourth performance: We are happy to welcome Transformer di Roboter from Berlin together with the dutch visual artist Arno Coenen as a bonus in the [SNIPPIN HARD] programme on Monday Feb. 2nd. But disappointments don' wait: Frank Bretschneider unfortunatly had to cancel his performance in the Liquidrpom's water basin. We will inform you as soon as we know if there will be someone else instead.


[CLUB TRANSMEDIALE.04 - Fly Utopia!]

31. January - 07. February 2004
Maria am Ostbahnhof

It has been a long way, but he programmation process has finally been finished: a first but yet not fully complete version of club transmediale's next edition is now online!

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